Finance Committee Meeting Minutes - July 31, 2021


时间:2021 年 7 月 31 日美国东部时间晚上 10 点至 11 点 15 分
中科大理事会于2021 年 7 月 16 日决定成立的财务管理委员会召开了第一次虚拟会议。委员会五名成员均出席了会议,达到会议法定人数。

Finance Committee Charter

Finance Committee Charter
As adopted by the USTCAF Board of Directors
on July 16, 2021

I. Purpose

The Finance Committee of the Board of Directors ("Board") of The University of Science and Technology of China ("USTCAF") is responsible for:

A. Developing and recommending short and long-range strategic financial objectives for the Foundation; and

B. Providing strategic oversight on financial matters for the Foundation.

Introduction to the USTC AF Finance Operations

Treasurer: HU, Rongxiang (John), confirmed in Feb, 2011.

Full Accounting Records in Real Time:

Financial Statements

We started using a new accounting system at the beginning of 2011, here are the quarterly and annual financial statements.

2022 Annual Reports

2021 Annual Reports

2020 Annual Reports

2019 Annual Reports

2018 Annual Reports

2017 Annual Reports

2016 Annual Reports

2015 Annual Reports

2014 Annual Reports

2014 4th Quarter

2014 3rd Quarter

2014 2nd Quarter

2014 1st Quarter

2013 Annual Statements

2013 4th Quarter

2013 3rd Quarter

2013 2nd Quarter

2013 1st Quarter

2012 Annual Statements

2012 4th Quarter

2012 3rd Quarter

2012 2nd Quarter

2012 1st Quarter

2011 Annual Statements

2011 4rd Quarter

2011 3rd Quarter

2011 2nd Quarter

2011 1st Quarter

Accounting System

The USTC AF operates a web based accounting system (at that keeps track of the following information:

  • Donors, Donations, and Donation Pledges
  • Awards and Award Recipients
  • Bank and Investments Accounts and Balances
  • Sub-funds and their related activities
  • Quarterly Financial Statements

The information in the accounting system is available in real-time to all of our members on a read-only basis. To use the system, you need to register an account for yourself, the process is quite simple, and there are instructions along the way. If you have difficulties with any aspect of the access, please let us know.