Ambassador Program

The USTCAF Ambassador Program is for college students and/or graduates or fresh graduates who intend to find interns/jobs (even job changes) outside of the campus (especially in the United States). This experience will give you a special chance to advance your real knowledge, raise your true passion and expand your keen interests while preparing you for your unique leadership in both academic and industry fields. To apply, you may fill out a Resume/CV by clicking below

(I suggest to design a google doc link in our official website:

Your Benefits

1. Establish your career path through internships and potential full time positions (or even a career change).

2. Participate in rigorous real job/field training and gain practical working experience.

3. Coached by professional mentors (senior alumni) and opportunity to meet industry executives.

4. Engage in exclusive USTCAF and local USTC-AA different events with special access privilege.

5. Elevate your vision for yourself and your future.

Prefered Qualifications

1. Sophmore or above.

2. Trilingual -- (English + Mandarin) + Cantonese/Other language.

3. Great communication skills and ability to multitask.

4. Leadership experience prefered.

5. Entrepreneurial spirit and Experience in promotional marketing is a plus.


If we can launch this program successfully, it definitely can help us to carry the mission of USTCAF further with a bigger scale.  Meanwhile, it can help us to

build up our mentor/coaching/sponsor program to serve the USTC alumni community in the coming decades.

Maybe you two can design a new flier based on this 5+5 bullet points and my original simple flier.
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