在校友征询并与母校相关部门协商后,中国科学技术大学校友基金会(USTCAF)将为校友值年返校设立专项基金(USTC Annual Alumni Reunion Fund简称UAARF),以帮助接受在美国和部分加拿大的校友的捐赠[2]。这将允许在美国和部分在加拿大的校友为他们的慷慨捐赠获得最大的税收抵免权益。USTCAF将一如既往继续帮助校友与母校沟通和传递他们的宝贵意见。



捐款时请注明子基金名称——UAARF(USTC Annual Alumni Reunion Fund)






June 9, 2015

Dear Alumni:

USTC is hosting the Reunion this year on July 4th and 5th for USTC Alumni entering school in 1980, 1990 and other years [1]. It coincides with the Independence Day of United States and we hope more alumni in United States can take the advantage and be back to school together with their classmates. For details, see

At the request of some alumni and after consultation with officials in USTC, USTCAF is pleased to announce the establishment of USTCAF Reunion Fund to help accepting reunion donation by alumni in United States and Canada [2]. This will allow alumni in United States and potentially Canada to obtain maximum tax credit for their generous donations. As always, USTCAF will also help Alumni on communicating with our Alma Mater and pass on their valuable suggestions.

While USTC has been careful in not relying too much on Alumni financially, any donations, large or small, are always welcome and deeply appreciated by our Alma Mater. USTC has also always been proud with the history of working with alumni and making best use of their support. The true success of a school lies only in the success of each student and alumnus.


Click for donate:

Please give clear indication——UAARF(USTC Annual Alumni Reunion Fund)


USTC Alumni Foundation



[1] 已经成功举办了十二年的“校友值年返校活动”主要邀请毕业周年二十周年、三十周年等整数年的班级校友共同返校,参加和组织学校、院系及班级的记念活动。今年是80级(毕业三十周年)校友、90级(毕业二十周年)校友以及其他计划返校参加值年返校活动的校友。母校期待着大家回家看看!


[2] USTCAF is an established U.S. 501(c)(3) organization. That means donations to USTCAF is 100% deductible for US taxpayers utilizing itemization in their tax filing.


The Paragraph 6 of Article XXI of the Canada-U.S. Tax Treaty allows Canadian residents to get tax donate to U.S. 501(c)(3) organizations and get Canadian tax credit. The donation is limited to 75% of the donor’s U.S. source income though.


If you received any goods or services from USTC in connection with the donation, including but not limited to Alumni Ring, USTCAF will work with USTC in providing the Good Faith Fair Estimate of the Fair Market Value of the goods or services that you received for your tax filing purpose. This portion is not deductible. However it is not needed if the goods or services you received meets certain IRS rules. Please feel free to consult your tax advisor for more information.






1.  在中国科大校友基金会(USTCAF)网站上填写捐款表格

选择"Annual Alumni Reunion" 子基金, 记下系统给出的捐赠号码

2.  按中国科学技术大学教育基金会说明校友捐赠页.html

把钱交给中国科学技术大学教育基金会所接受的捐款渠道和方式。附注或留条记下 USTCAF 的捐赠号码 ("USTCAF Pledge ID xxxxxx")

3.  在校友值年返校活动结束并获得相关信息后,在中国科大校友基金会(USTCAF) 将提供邮件收据和美国报税信息披露。




Guidance on Donating with USTCAF in supporting of the Education Efforts in USTC during USTC’s Annual Alumni Reunion


  1. Fill out a pledge form, starting at,

Selecting the sub fund " Annual Alumni Reunion ".

Each donation will get an assigned "Pledge ID"*.

  1. Give the money to USTCEF per instructions at校友捐赠页.html

or alternative channels officially accepted by USTCEF.

In wiring transfer or notes with the cash donation, add description

"USTCAF Pledge ID xxxx"*.

  1. USTCAF will provide in email receipts and disclosures for US Tax filing after getting the relevant information at the conclusion of the reunion event.


* This can be done by donors themselves or a class representative who does so for each individual.


For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact (相关问题请联系)


郭胜利  秘书长





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