The USTCAF is an All Volunteer Organization (AVO), and has no paid staff. This is how we keep our operating cost low (below 1%), and use almost all of our donations in our various programs. If you like what we do, and have a little bit of time and effort to spare, we could really use your help as a volunteer!

USTCAF Volunteers

Volunteers with the AF are exposed to various challenges valuable for building up one's people skills and leadership capabilities. We are a Delaware incorporated charitable organization, subjecting to the same set rules as many Fortune 500 corporations, you will learn and experience how such an organization functions. We also have many outstanding alumni as our board members, donors or even volunteers. They are academic authorities, industry executives and successful entrepreneurs. Interactions with these experienced leaders can be rewarding for all of our volunteers.

Here we have a simple diagram of the various volunteering positions we have, with the grey color ones being empty and open to new volunteers. Today we are especially in urgent need for the following positions.

Newsletter Editor

This is the person who is responsible for publishing our newsletters on a regular basis, hopefully no less frequently than once every 3 months. Essentially this person reaches out to various contributors to write various pieces, review and proof read them, and then submit over to our technical staff for publication.

Member Liaison

This is the person who represents USTC AF  with its members. Responsibilities including answering members questions (by email and/or on the web site), and engaging them with various AF activities (fund raising, award recipient selection, etc.)

Donor Support Coordinator

This is the person who provides supporting services to all of our donors, who potentially need hand-holding on filling out the pledge forms, sending in the money in USD or RMB, and receiving tax deduction receipts, etc. This is also the person who gently reminds donors who fail to fund their previous pledges.

To volunteer for any of these positions, or contribute in other ways as you see fit, please write us a simple email at afgb at ustcaf dot org.