Welcome to USTC Alumni Foundation

USTCAF is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we strive to promote the excellence of our Alma Mater, and the ongoing academic and cultural exchanges between USTC and the outside world. Your donation to USTC Alumni Foundation is fully tax-deductible, unless your donation is more than 50% of your total income. Many companies match their employees' donations to USTCAF. So your donation may be doubled or even tripled. Some companies only match donations to accredited US educational institutes, but not donations to USTCAF. However, some of these companies do match donations to United Way, while many United Way branches forward donations and matching gifts to USTCAF too!

 Currently USTCAF issues the following awards in USTC:

  1. Outstanding New Student Award (since 1996) -- around 30 each year.
    Provincial top 50, or Olympiad medalists.
  2. Excellent New Student Award (since 2001) -- around 10 each year.
    The best student of some key high schools whose alumni funded the award.
  3. Goodwill Fellowship (since 1999) -- around 200 each year.
    Assist financially challenged students.
  4. Young Faculty Career Award (since 2001) -- 6 or so each year.
    Help young faculty research in and retain promising ones.
  5. Teaching Excellence Award (since 2004) -- 2 each year.
    Retain excellent education quality in USTC.

Together we can make a difference!