2010 AF Board

Here are the members of the 2010 board. Additional information about the board operations can be found in the Board Orientation Material.


2010 USTCAF Executive Committee

Chair, Dawei Bai, 白大伟,理事会主席

Vice-Chair,  Xiaohua Gong, 龚晓华,理事会副主席

Secretary, Yi Mou, 牟怡,理事会秘书长


2010 Governing Board Member List

应凌航 0302

薛天 9500/9508

牟怡 9819

陈晓刚 9102 和 9502s

赵振刚 9011

王克非 9308

李逊 856

古鹥 0304

白大伟 814/8110

龚晓华 9108

Past AF Board Member