USTCAF 2021Q4理事会会议纪要

 时间:2021年10月15日 22:00(美东时间)

与会人:李逊, 黄河,胡荣湘, 李先进, 牛磊, 黄森华, 迟世宏,谭雪环


会议记录/文档存档: 胡荣湘(秘书长)/刘多(秘书处)


Meeting Minute:

  1. Finance
    1. Investment Proposal:
    2. Merril Lynch has sent in the investment proposal. Finance committee agrees to choose option 2 from the investment proposal.
    3. Need signature from ALL board members on the Merril Lynch EMA account agreement. Sean Li and Steven Li to send in their signatures after the board meeting, rest of board members (except the inactive board member Huadong Pang).
  2. Motion to remove in-active board director Huadong Pang:
    1. Huadong Pang has been in-active and absent from the recent 3 quarterly board meetings. He had told board in Q1’21 meeting that he cannot attend board activities due to personal reasons. In order to prevent Huadong’s inactive status to cause issue in USTCAF board business, and according to the USTCAF bylaw Section 3.13, the board of directors John Hu胡荣湘 and Harry Huang 黄河have motioned to remove Huadong Pang from board of director. Voting is approved unanimously by all 8 board members attending the meeting. Voting record below:

Yes: 李逊, 黄河, 李先进, 牛磊, 黄森华, 迟世宏, 谭雪环, 胡荣湘

  1. USTCAF Teaching and Faculty Awards :
    1. 2021 USTCAF Teaching and Faculty Award candidates have been submitted by USTC. USTCAF will vote to choose the awardees.
    2. Since this year the award ceremony is not tied to the teacher’s day in China, USTCAF board has a few more weeks to review the materials in-detail before voting to choose the awardees.
    3. It is also discussed and agreed by the board to:
      1. Publish all candidates’ names to the USTCAF members’ list (公示), for USTCAF members to review and give any feedback.
      2. After USTCAF board has finalized the awardees, the name list and a brief version (without info that has privacy concern) of the awardee’s profile will also be published to USTCAF members’list.
  • Sean also brought up for discussion whether AF can leverage USTC’s representatives from each awardee’s department to form a committee and select the awardees for AF.
  1. Election for USTCAF 2022 board:
    1. Half of the current USTCAF board members will finish the 2-year term by end of 2021. Election notice for new 2022 board members has been sent out by secretary office.
    2. So far 3 board members (李逊, 胡荣湘, 迟世宏) have submitted their candidacy. One USTCAF member/volunteer 洪振尘 has said will officially submit candidacy soon. 李先进 and 谭雪环will also submit candidacy. Secretary office and board members will continue to promote to USTCAF members to solicitate for more candidates.
  2. Others
    1. 牛磊propose USTCAF President迟世宏 to give a USTCAF annual plan at the beginning of each year, then board can assign resource to support. Every board member can also propose some additional USTCAF plan too.
    2. Harry will have some suggestion to improve the USTCAF webpage, will join IT working group to work out the details there.
    3. 牛磊will summarize USTCAF faculty/Teaching award winners’ information from the past years, to help further promote USTCAF programs.